Guitar Rig 5 Pro Free with any Komplete Audio Interface

For guitar, effects, drums, and anything else you throw at it – get our amp and effects modeller for free with an audio interface that suits you best, and save CA$ 259.00.

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The right audio interface depends on what you do. Whether you’re a podcaster, singer-songwriter, or modular synth fanatic, we’ve got you covered.

Guitar Rig 5 Pro

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: This special offer is valid from March 12 until April 29, 2020, at Music City Canada, while stocks last. Savings described here are calculated on the basis of suggested retail prices (MSRP). GUITAR RIG 5 PRO license is bundled with the hardware and cannot be sold individually. Please note that according to our terms and conditions, e-vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with special offers.