Focal Trio 6 Be Red - Studio Monitor (Each)

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Overview of Focal Trio 6 Be Red - Studio Monitor (Each)

Three-way Active Studio Monitor with 1" tweeter, 5" woofer, 8" subwoofer, and remote switching to two-way operation.

The new studio monitor from SM6 line, Trio6 Be, meets the standards of the most demanding engineers thanks to its extreme neutrality, its precise stereophonic imaging and its ability to resolve the most minute sonic details.

The innovative Trio6 Be supplies two speakers in a single cabinet. It is composed of a three-way monitor and a two-way monitor, remotely switchable thanks to the FOCUS mode in order to compare the mix, focusing on the same acoustic basis, and the same stereo image, minus the extreme frequencies.


• Two monitors in one with remote switching: a quick and effective way to compare the mix translated to a compromised speaker system
• Wide uncompromised dynamics, linearity, and wide dispersion produced by Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
• Neutral, distortion-free sound thank to W composite sandwich cone
• Rotating baffle facilitates both horizontal and vertical setups
• Ideal room integration
• High SPL accommodates all musical styles (115dB peak @ 1m)
• Low and high frequencies and 160Hz notch adjusting with three control knobs


Frequency response:
• 3-way mode 35Hz - 40kHz (+/- 3dB)
• 2-way mode (Focus) 90Hz - 20kHz (+/- 3dB)
Maximum SPL:
• 3-way mode 115dB SPL (peak at 1m)
• 2-way mode (Focus) 105dB SPL (peak at 1m)

• Type /Impedance: Electronically balanced 10KOhms
• Connectors: XLR
• Sensitivity: Adjustable, +4dBu ou -10dBv
Bass: 200W, class G
Midrange: 150W, class G
Treble: 100W, class AB
Power supply:
• Main voltage: 230V (class T fuse 1.6A fuse rating) - 115V (class T fuse 3.5 A fuse rating)
• Wiring: Detachable IEC power cable
Indicators and controls (Rear panel):
• Input sensitivity selector (+4dBu/-10dBV)
• Low frequency shelving (+/- 3dB from 35 to 250Hz)
• High frequency shelving (+/- 3dB from 4.5 to 40kHz)
• EQ low-mid frequencies (+/- 3dB at 160Hz, Q factor = 1)
• FOCUS input / FOCUS output
LED: Focus mode on, audio clipping and protection indicated by LED on front panel

Subwoofer: 8W64701; 8" Focal driver with W composite sandwich cone
Woofer: 5W04701; 5" Focal driver with W composite sandwich cone
Tweeter: TB872; 1" Focal pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter

Structure: 22mm (0.86") reinforced panels
Finish: Black Textured side panel, Grey Textured body
Dimensions including 4 rubber feet (HxWxD):
20-1/2" x 10-15/16" x 14-3/16" (520 x 278 x 360mm)
Weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)

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