Electro-Voice MIS8C - Commercial Sound Paging Projector
Electro-Voice MIS8C - Commercial Sound Paging Projector

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Electro-Voice MIS8C - Commercial Sound Paging Projector


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Overview of Electro-Voice MIS8C - Commercial Sound Paging Projector

The Electro-Voice MIS8C 10W Commercial Sound Paging Projector (Gray) is a conservatively rated 10 watt reflex paging projector designed for flush-mounting. The driver uses a rugged phenolic diaphragm, a 0.75 inch voice coil and component parts proven reliable under stressful conditions. A dispersion angle of 100deg. +/-25deg. is maintained over the frequency range of 1,200 Hz to 3,000 Hz. Excellent loading is maintained to a low-frequency cutoff of 600 Hz. The MIS8C is molded from rugged polycarbonate and the inner reflector from ABS. With it's weatherproof construction the MIS8C may be used both indoors and outdoors. Designed for low-impedance systems, this compact horn has outstanding speech intelligibility and high efficiency. The directional characteristics of the MIS8C were measured by running a set of polar responses in University's large anechoic chamber. The test signal was one-third-octave-band limited pseudo-random pink noise centered at the ISO standard frequencies. Additional typical data is provided which indicates 6-dB down beamwidth versus frequency for an MIS8C. The axial frequency response of the MIS8C horn. It was measured at a distance of 1 meter, using a swept sine wave. Six holes around a 4.87" (12.4cm) diameter circle provide a means for fluch mounting the speaker. When frequencies below the low-frequency cutoff for the horn assembly are fed to the driver, excessive current may be drawn by the driver. For protection of the driver and amplifier, capacitor in series with driver is recommended.

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