Guitar Setup & Repair Service

Every job is different and requires its own unique procedures to complete. To get a quote on a repair, either give us a call or bring your guitar into London Guitars so our techs can assess and give you an accurate price for completing the work. You can also chat with us by clicking the Chat Button on the side of any page!

Workbench hourly fee: $75
Minimum bench fee: 0.5h

Basic Maintenance and Repairs

General list of repairs we can do:

Set-up: Floyd Rose or 12 string setup

Fret Dress (Setup not included)

  • Complete Fret Dress
  • Glue and Re-Seat Frets
  • Dress Fret Ends
  • Banjo 5-String Fret Dress

Re-Fret includes setup and frets. (For Stainless Steel add $50 labour and $20 parts)

  • Re-Fret
  • Re-Fret – Bound Fingerboard
  • Re-Fret – Maple Fingerboard (clear lacquer satin finish)
  • Re-Fret – Maple Fingerboard (tint lacquer gloss finish)
  • Re-Fret Rickenbacker Finished Fingerboard with Wood Fill
  • Re-fret Banjo 5-String Unbound Fingerboard
  • Re-fret Banjo 5-String Bound Fingerboard

Custom Nut Work (no Setup)

  • New Guitar and Bass Nut
  • New 12 string Guitar Nut
  • New Mandolin Nut
  • New Banjo Nut
  • Install Fender LSR or Floyd Lock Nut
  • Install Pre-Slotted Plastic Nut

Custom Saddle Work (Plus Set-up)

  • New Saddle, retro fit, adjustment
  • New Saddle with intonated profile
  • Fill and Re-Cut Bridge Slot

Install Tuning Machines

  • Retro Fit
  • Different Style (Includes Filling Screw Holes and Minimum Touch-Up)

Bass Guitar Work (Plus Set-up)

  • Plane Fretless BassDe-Fret Bass

Structural Repairs

  • Cracked Headstock (With Minimum Touch-Up)
  • Head-Splice, new custom headstock (With Re-Finishing)
  • Top, Rim and Back Cracks, each
  • Re-Glue Loose Braces, Each
  • Neck Re-Sets (Includes Minimum Dress and Set-Up)
  • Modern bolt-on neck reset
  • Dovetail neck reset using hot hide glue

Bridge Work

  • Bridge Shave
  • Sub-Plate
  • Replace Bridge-Plate
  • Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge
  • Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge with pick-up
  • Re-Glue Classical/ Fan Style Braced Bridge
  • Re-Glue Gibson J-200 Style Bridge
  • New Custom Martin Style Bridge with Saddle(add bridge)
  • New Custom Pyramid Style Bridge With Saddle (add bridge)
  • New Custom Classical Style Bridge (Includes Finishing)

All custom wiring work is quoted at hourly rate plus parts.

  • Acoustic pickup installation
  • Pickup potting, per pickup
  • Pickup rewinding
  • Trouble shooting
  • Complete rewire on a Strat or Tele type
  • Complete rewire on a Les Paul type
  • Complete rewire on a 335 type
  • Replace a pot, jack, pickup, or switch
  • Each additional pot, jack, pickup, or switch
  • Touchups, hourly

Specialty Items

  • Install Banjo head (plus parts)
  • Install Skin Banjo head (plus parts)
  • Replacing Bolt-On style Necks
  • Guitar Kit Assembly
  • Resonator Install
  • Custom Routing

Custom Pickguards Installed (Plus Materials)

  • Flamenco Tap Plates Mylar (Standard Shape as per Template)
  • Martin Style
  • Electric Guitar Pickguard

Left-Handed Conversion - labour only

  • New Custom Nut
  • Fill and Re-Cut Bridge Slot
  • New Saddle with Intonated profile
  • Position Dots 



Bungie is one of the top world touring guitar techs in Canada and still currently travels all over the world with the Barenaked Ladies and several others. Bungie has spent many years touring with Jeff Healy, Gord Downie and many others and has setup, strung and repaired 1000’s of guitars.



As a second-generation luthier, since 1992, Jovan had a chance to make, repair,  restore, and maintain thousands of instruments. His expertise involves all stringed instruments such as guitars, bowed strings, folk and historical instruments.



Darcy is a seasoned veteran musician on the Ontario music scene. For more than 30 years on guitar, bass, mandolin and percussion he has performed with the likes of Petty Theft, The Kickers, Geoff Masse Band, Kindred Spirits, Whiskey Sinners, Every Couple Uh Weeks, plus many more.