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Artists Who've Visted Our Studio:

Corey Hart
Abort The Launch
Owen Davey
Ben Heffernan
Connor Wilson
Rose Cora Perry
Legal Kill
Brother Time
Low Key Lizards
Justine Chantel
Kings Limit
David Bottrill
James Blonde
Sarina Haggarty
Spencer Boyle
Unknown World
Before The Damned
Rattlesnake Hotel
Jacob Mazzilli
No Exceptions
Moondog Uproar

Why Charterhouse?


Ask any serious recording artist, producer, engineer or record label and they will agree that a great mix can be the difference that makes a song a hit or not. Mixing involves meshing together all of the pre- recorded tracks into a clear, articulate and balanced blend. Imagine if you will, painting a sonic picture using frequency as your colour.

Judging how much blue, green, red, or where the clouds are positioned in context with the green trees will make a drastic difference to how someone will look at the painting, and inevitably decide whether or not they will buy it. Deciding where the vocal will sit in relation to the drums or guitar, or even whether the bass guitar is thick and apparent, or smooth and subtle, are examples of conscious decisions that are made during a mix.

Your songs are important, and your performance is important. Make sure it is heard. Have your songs mixed by the professionals at Charterhouse Studios.

The Right Gear

Avid’s Pro Tools HD is the leading industry standard for professional recording facilities around the world. Combined with an arsenal of professional microphones, nothing but pure class A mic pre-amps and outboard equipment, and great sounding rooms, your recordings will be sonically superior.

Charterhouse Studios runs Pro Tools HD 12, 32 I/O of up to 32 bit 192KHz via two Universal Audio Apollo 16, Euphonix MC-Mix and MC-Control units totalling 36 Faders, Preamps from Vintech, Neve, API, Avalon, John Hardy, Great River and classic outboard from Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, SSL, Airfield Audio, Dangerous. Besides all of the technical equipment required to make a great recording having the right instrument for the part is even more important.

All of our clients have full access to the extensive collection of boutique guitars, amps and pedals from the prestigious London Guitars as well as our complete backline of pro level drum kits.


Mastering is perhaps the most misunderstood process of making a recording. It is a crucial step that can significantly add to the energy and feeling of your album. While mixing is the process of focusing on the elements of an individual song and how they fit together, mastering is the process of looking at the songs as a collection rather than as individuals, and manipulating them in a way so they are cohesive with one another to create a balance between all the tracks on the album.

Another stage of mastering is maximizing or normalizing the recordings to the ‘red book standard’ to allow for maximum punch, clarity, and loudness. Mixing and mastering are very different processes but go hand in hand as critical stages of your project. Charterhouse Studios offers budget minded mastering solutions, while also maintaining close relationships with dedicated mastering facilities for projects with larger budgets.

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What People Are Saying

A gutsy, free, creative work environment. I look forward to many more musical adventures at Charterhouse.

Pappie J. Ozmand

Our corporate clients were thrilled with an innovative solution we conceived and we're only able to execute through Charterhouse Studios. We ended up exactly on time and on budget, exceeding our expectations.

Anne Coughlan (Supporting Roles Interactive Training Inc.)

Super great vibes, Aaron kills it in there during every session, 10/10

Talyn Prior

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