London Guitars Showroom

At London Guitars we feel that our customers deserve a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Feel free to pick up a guitar, yeah even that $7,000 Strat! Our displays are interactive and we encourage our guests to get as hands-on as possible. Choose an axe from our extensive collection of acoustic, vintage and new hollow bodied guitars in ‘The Barn’, or grab a new or vintage electric, crank it up and wail in our dedicated soundproofed demo room, or just chill out and connect with other players in our in-store lounge.
The Electric Room
Check out our wide selection of Electric Guitars, Basses, Pedals and Amps. Anything Electric is here to play!
The Barn
Here in The Barn you'll find a wide variety of Acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments!
The Artists Lounge
Be careful, things might get loud! Feel free to turn it up all the way to 11 in this cozy amp demo room! It's sound proofed so no one else can hear you ... you might even get away with playing Stairway!