Neumann KMS 104

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Overview of Neumann KMS 104

The black KMS 104 plus Cardioid Microphone from Neumann has been developed to optimally transmit the human voice with respect to the demanding conditions present on the live stage. The high acoustic resolution and smooth frequency response of the microphone ensures that the musician has optimal control of the stage performance at all times. Especially due to its low self-noise and crosstalk behavior which is free of coloration, the KMS 104 plus is suitable for use with in-ear monitoring systems. The condenser microphone capsule has a cardioid directional characteristic which provides optimal suppression of sounds originating from behind the microphone. The KMS 104 plus offers extended bass frequency response and has been especially optimized for the requirements of female voices in the rock and pop field. The microphone has a particularly high acoustic transparency, a wide frequency range and a fine resolution of transients. The carefully adjusted acoustic filter and transformerless impedance converter can handle very high sound pressure levels to prevent the microphone from being overloaded by strong plosive sounds. In spite of excellent pop protection, sibilants and "S" sounds are transmitted with their natural accentuation, as is possible only with condenser microphones. Furthermore, the acoustic filter is designed so that the distinctive directional characteristics of the capsule are preserved even in the bass range. The filter thus ensures a very high level of feedback protection when the mic is used with a stage sound system. Since vocal microphones are typically addressed at close range, for the bass frequency response of the KMS 104 plus, electronic compensation is used for the proximity effect in the respective capsule. In addition, the microphone has an invariable, built-in high-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 120 Hz (–3 dB, measured in a free sound field). The low self-noise level of only 18 dBA permits the microphone to be used at high gain levels without the risk of additional noise. Even at large distances, the microphone operates with a high signal-to-noise ratio, facilitating the freedom of movement and creativity that are important to the artist. The KMS 104 plus has a thick-walled metal housing that provides effective protection against handling noise. The microphone head grille is made of hardened steel. If required, it can easily be unscrewed to permit cleaning of the interior acoustic filter. The microphone comes with a matching stand clamp and padded nylon bag that is sufficiently durable for touring.

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