Paiste Signature Series Heavy Hi-Hats- 14”

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Overview of Paiste Signature Series Heavy Hi-Hats- 14”

Sound Character: Very bright, clear, forceful, brilliant. Wide range, clean mix. Fairly heavy feel. Powerful, bright open sound, full, penetrating chick sound. Controllable, pungent hi-hat for precise playing in loud to very loud situations.


 • Basics
 • Sizes: 14"
 • Weight: Heavy
 • Volume: Loud

 • Character
 • Sound color: Bright
 • Frequency range: Wide
 • Frequency mix: Clean

 • Function
 • Stick Sound: Pingy
 • Response Intensity: Lively
 • Sustain: Medium
 • Chick Sound: Pronounced
 • Feel: Heavy

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