Royer Labs R-122 MKII Live Active Ribbon Microphone (Matched Pair)

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Overview of Royer Labs R-122 MKII Live Active Ribbon Microphone (Matched Pair)

The nickel R-122 MKII Active Ribbon Microphone from Royer is an updated version of the original R-122, figure-8 polar pattern microphone. Like the original, this ribbon mic is powered via 48V phantom power, but this MKII version delivers even better flexibility for ribbons via the addition of a switchable -15 dB pad to reduce the potential for headroom-related distortion, and a switchable bass-cut filter, which reduces the mic's bass buildup or rumble due to proximity effect. The R-122 MKII microphone can be used to capture audio for a variety of instruments such as acoustic guitar, drum overheads, percussion instruments, brass and woodwinds, horn sections, acoustic piano, choirs and orchestras, strings, and more. The R-122 MKII's switchable -15 dB pad is positioned before the microphone's electronics and, when engaged, reduces the potential for headroom-related distortion on the loudest sound sources. Wide open electric guitars are no problem. With the pad engaged, the output is 2 dB lower than Royer's flagship R-121 model. Furthermore, the bass-cut filter, when switched in, starts filtering 6 dB per 100 Hz. This effectively reduces the mic's bass buildup due to proximity effect. This smooth filter works on vocals, many acoustic instruments, and close-miked electric guitars when less bottom end is desired. In addition, other features include better gain to record softer sound sources, impedance matching that allows the microphone to deliver its full sonic potential, and ribbon technology allowing the ribbon more room to move within the magnetic field for improved dynamics. So, go ahead and plug the R-122 MKll Active Ribbon Microphone in—you'll get full Royer performance and enough level to drive any recording medium (requires 48V phantom power). A microphone sock and a protective wood case are also included.

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