Sabian 21889 - 18'' AA Molto Symphonic Suspended

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Overview of Sabian 21889 - 18'' AA Molto Symphonic Suspended

SABIAN 18” AA Molto Suspended Cymbals are crafted from SABIAN B20 bronze and are a popular choice with band and orchestral programs. They are typically darker than AA Suspended Cymbals. They also have a flanged edge that aids in controlling sustain. The 18" AA Molto Suspended Cymbal is ideal as a general-use model as it sounds great at a wide variety of dynamic levels: they can be played relatively loud while remaining sensitive enough to be played at softer dynamic levels. They are ideal when bright tone with even response at all dynamic levels is desired. As a series, AA Molto suspended cymbals have a moderate response time and take slightly longer for sound to blossom than AAX, HH, HHX and Artisan cymbals. The main difference between a suspended cymbal and a crash cymbal is the longer sustain in a suspended cymbal. Therefore, 15" through 18" suspended cymbals are an economical choice because they have the versatility to also be used as crash cymbals.

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