Shubb SHUBB-FSG - Banjo 5th String Capo Gold

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Overview of Shubb SHUBB-FSG - Banjo 5th String Capo Gold

Originally, our fifth string capo bar was eight inches long, and attached to the banjo neck with three mounting screws. About three years ago we remodeled the bar, a change which I'd considered for many years. I've noticed that I never capo the fifth string any higher than the tenth fret (this would go along with the regular capo being at the fifth fret) ...there simply is always a better alternative to capoing any higher than this. So for my own banjo, I made a custom bar which was much shorter (5.75"). Now we've made the shorter bar our standard size. Besides taking up less space on the neck (for you fellow thumb-wrappers), it offers the additional advantage of using only TWO mounting screws instead of three.

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