Shure AXT630 Axient Series Antenna Distribution System

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Overview of Shure AXT630 Axient Series Antenna Distribution System

Designed for professional applications in which you need reliable wireless sound, the Shure AXT630 is an Antenna Distribution System capable of handling high signals without distortion, even in the most inconvenient RF environments. This unit sports selectable 60 MHz input filters to match with the available bands from Axient transmitters, thus offering protection against out-of-band signals and ensuring a low overall RF noise floor. The unit sports four pairs of BNC antenna outputs to distribute its filtered signal to receivers. You'll also note the unfiltered RF cascade ports to connect to wideband devices, such as the Axient Spectrum Manager. The AXT630 can also network to other units by means of its Ethernet connections, so that you can control filtering ranges, antenna power, and attenuation over Shure's WWB6 software. Controls are also easily managed via the front-panel interface. This powerful unit is constructed to fit into an audio rack, taking up only 1 RU of space. Included with the AXT630 are a 2' coaxial antenna cable, an IEC power cable, and IEC extension cable, as well as Ethernet cables, a hardware kit, and shorter coaxial cables.

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