A New Way to Gain Additional Revenue For Night Clubs and DJs

Since the unpredicted pandemic in 2020, venues and artists have faced a new challenge of finding a place to preform or host their events. Which has lead to finding new ways to reach their audiences.

Blackmagic Design has worked with a popular night club and residential DJ in Tokyo to help streamline their events and maximize reach to customers and new viewers who may not have been able to visit the club before due to other limitations such as travel.

By installing Blackmagic Design products such as the Studio Camera 4K Pro, ATEM Television Studio 4K Live Production Switcher, Web Presenter 4K, and the Video Assist 12G HDR Monitor they were able to Live Stream their events online and create an additional revenue from viewers who were unable to attend live.

Furthermore, their resident DJ was able to take advantage of streaming his live shows from home using the ATEM Mini Stream Switcher. Which allowed him to gain more viewers with his social reach than ever before.

ATEM Mini Stream Switcher

Studio Camera 4K Pro

Web Presenter 4K

Video Assist 12G HDR Monitor

ATEM Television Studio 4K Live Production Monitor