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Music City Canada is always looking for ways to help you get your hands on that amazing new, used and vintage gear that your heart desires.
One of the ways we help do that is to turn any gear you are not using or that’s laying around into cash or credit towards what you want & need today.
As a store passionate about vintage and used musical, recording, pa and lighting equipment we are always interested in chatting with you about buying or trading in any used & vintage gear.

Want to get what you think it’s worth and you're willing to wait?

We have professional Consignment Services available.

Let us know how much you want for your item, and we will do all the work finding the buyer for you!

We love buying used guitars, basses, amps, pedals, drums, snares, hardware, cymbals, powered speakers, studio monitors, recording interfaces and more!

Please call or email us to make an appointment & Let us know what you're looking to trade or sell:

• Guitars, Bass, Amps, Pedals - ask for Stan - stan@musiccitycanada.com
• Drums, Percussion, Cymbals, Snares - Ask for Derek - derek@musiccitycanada.com
• PA Systems, Recording, Lighting, Studio Monitors, etc - Ask for Matt - matt@musiccitycanada.com

Let them know what you're looking to trade or sell.
We want to make sure we schedule a time to meet so our staff, technician, and accounting dept. are all available at the same time!

We buy, trade and consign - Call us today to book your appointment - 519-659-5030