Introducing RØDE X for streamers and gamers

Rode X XDM100 Microphone
Rode has just announced their new division brand RØDE X which specializes in high-quality content creating tools for gamers and streamers.
They just released two new professional Microphones, the XCM50 Condenser Microphone and the XDM100 Dynamic Microphone. Not only do these microphones feature highly detailed audio capture optimize for streamers and gamers... with your purchase of one of these microphones you receive a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to UNIFY.
UNIFY is the powerhouse at the core of RØDE X It is a powerful virtual mixing solution that gives streamers and gamers unprecedented control over their audio workflow, including flexible routing of microphones and virtual sound sources, the ability to create completely independent sub-mixes for multiple outputs, add advanced processing, trigger voice FX, record in multitrack, and more.
Music City Canada is a proud authorized dealer for Rode X, get your microphones from us today!

 Rode X XCM50

RØDE X XCM50 Microphone
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Rode X XDM100

RØDE X XDM100 Microphone

Not sure which microphone will fit your needs? Or, maybe you are unsure of the difference between a condenser or dynamic microphone? NO WORRIES- Rode X has taken the time to write a article explaining the differences between these two fantastic microphones!