Earthworks C30/HC-W - Hanging High Definition Choir Microphone (Hypercardioid) (White)

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Overview of Earthworks C30/HC-W - Hanging High Definition Choir Microphone (Hypercardioid) (White)

The Earthworks C30 is a professional hanging microphone designed to accurately capture vocal and musical performances such as choir groups. The C30 joins Earthworks patented High Definition series microphones; providing an extended frequency response up to 100kHz and pristine audio fidelity beyond the realm of typical microphone standards. The C30 features a small microphone capsule on a flexible gooseneck for accurate positioning. This C30 capsule features a Hypercardioid for high gain before feedback. The frequency response at 90 degrees off-axis is within 2dB of the on-axis response. This results in extreme accuracy and less microphone usage. The exceptional rear rejection response of the C30 virtually eliminates signal from bands, audience members or any signal from behind the microphone. The C30 is an efficient, highly responsive choir microphone with an unobtrusive profile suitable for installation in houses-of-worship, theaters, auditoriums, etc.

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