Electro-Voice PC Desktop-5 - Mulit-Pattern Desk Microphone


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Overview of Electro-Voice PC Desktop-5 - Mulit-Pattern Desk Microphone

The Electro-Voice PolarChoice PC-Desktop 5" Gooseneck Multi-Pattern Condenser Desk Microphone is a high quality tabletop microphone that can be used with both standard and automatic mixers, and is highly-shielded from RFI/GSM thanks to EV's exclusive RF Shield technology. The PolarChoice PC-Desktop features the exclusive EV PolarChoice PC-Desktop miniature multi-pattern gooseneck microphone. The multi-pattern versatility of the PolarChoice microphone makes it a true "problem solver". With one non-directional and 3 directional polar patterns available, the PolarChoice PC-Desktop microphone is ideal for virtually any installation. The PolarChoice PC-Desktop also includes a switchable high pass filter that helps reduce any vibration induced noise pickup. The PolarChoice PC-Desktop features a large push button mute switch that has a much better "feel" than membrane switches. The mute button can be configured for push-on/push-off, push-to-talk, or push-to-mute function. Switch programming is easily accomplished without disassembling the microphone. A switch on the bottom quickly converts the PolarChoice PC-Desktop to automatic mixer mode. In this mode, audio is always on. The PolarChoice PC-Desktop is acoustically designed for high-quality sound reinforcement and broadcast applications. The frequency response is tailored for wide-range sound reproduction with very natural sound pickup for either distant or close-up use. The PolarChoice PC-Desktop can be used on lecterns, podiums, desks, table-tops, or other applications. To maximize gain-before-feedback, the PolarChoice PC-Desktop's three directional polar patterns allow the user to pick the directional polar pattern for optimum effect. For those applications where gain-before feedback is not a problem, an omnidirectional pattern is included. Applications requiring speaking close to the microphone at podiums, lecterns, or pulpits normally require a windscreen (included) to control breath noise and P-popping or, in some cases, wind noise from circulating air.

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