Ibanez GSR205-BK - Gio Sr 5 Poplar Bass-Black

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Overview of Ibanez GSR205-BK - Gio Sr 5 Poplar Bass-Black

Ibanez crafts affordable basses that are to be played with pride, and the Ibanez GSR205BK 5-string electric bass follows in line by bringing cool looks, serious playability, and powerful tone together in one instrument. Patterned on Ibanez's SR 5-string, this GSR bass features a warm and resonate poplar body in a stylish and comfortable contour, a snappy GRS5 maple neck, a slick jatoba fingerboard, 22 medium frets with close action, a confident B15 bridge, and a sonically articulate pair of DXH-5 pickups.

Having five strings gives you an even wider tonal reach, and the warmth and resonance this bass offers will take those extra notes a long way. Comfortable Poplar Body Your Ibanez GRS205 is cut into a sweet-looking and stylish asymmetrical shape with a deep cutaway so you can easily reach those higher frets as it rests comfortably against your body. Poplar wood does a wonderful job of adding plenty of low and middle frequencies to your performance.

Poplar also brings a hefty amount of sustain and overall resonance, making it a popular choice for so many different types of guitars. Buttery Maple Neck Five-string basses tend to have slightly wider necks to fit that extra string in, but you don't have to worry about sacrificing any playability just to bring in some extra notes to your game. The GRS5 maple neck on this baby rests comfortably in your hand, enabling you to each any fret on this appendage's super-smooth jatoba fingerboard with ease. All 22 medium frets yield a tight action that allows your notes to ooze together in seamless sonic fashion.

Shape Your Bass Sound With Ibanez's Phat II EQ Your Ibanez GRS205 gives you plenty of control over the sonic contour of your output. The Phat II EQ control helps you keep out the mud and shape the brightness and darkness of your playing, and the active bass boost will give you a bit more tonal girth when you need it. DXH-5 Neck and Bridge Pickups Your set of DXH-5 neck and bridge pickups do this baddie-of-a-bass justice by capturing all of the full-bodied resonance and depth your bass yields and crafting it into a powerful signal ready for amplification. No matter how low you go, your tone won't lose any of its articulation, and every note will find a path to cut through during your performance.

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