Marshall 1960BHW 4x12” Extension Cabinet

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Overview of Marshall 1960BHW 4x12” Extension Cabinet

The Marshall 1960BHW extension cab captures the spirit of the '60s. The Marshall 1960BHW Extension Cabinet is a hand-soldered, 120W, mono, 16-ohm 4x12" guitar speaker cabinet with salt 'n' pepper grille cloth, metal handles, loaded with reissue 30W Celestion G12H speakers. Wired by hand, this 120 Watt heritage cab matches perfectly with the Handwired 1959HW amp. It is loaded with re-issue Celestion G12H-30s. The 1960BHW is a faithful recreation of the cabs that were an integral part of that legendary '60s Marshall sound. With bags of tight lower-end frequencies, whether angled or straight, these cabs pack a mid-range punch with brilliant highs. The 'salt 'n' pepper' grill cloth gives the 1960BHW that authentic vintage look.

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