Kazoobie Kazoos SKAZ-P1TUB - Kazoo Plastic Tub of 50


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Overview of Kazoobie Kazoos SKAZ-P1TUB - Kazoo Plastic Tub of 50

The Kazoobie KaZobo is our largest kazoo. This plastic version of our original metal KaZobo is even louder than the original and is available in a variety of bright colors. Based on the Zobo of the early 1900's, this horn-like kazoo dual resonators that enhance the vibration and project the sound through the nearly 10" horn. It's part kazoo and part zobo,which is why we call it the KaZobo. We use the same waterproof resonator and caps as used in our famous Kazoobie Kazoos. This means you can add Wazoo Horns and even the Hummbucker Electric Kazoo pick-up to your Kazoobie KaZobo.

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