Marshall MG50GFX 4-Channel Solid-State Combo Amplifier with Presets and FX (50W)

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Overview of Marshall MG50GFX 4-Channel Solid-State Combo Amplifier with Presets and FX (50W)

The Marshall Amplification MG50GFX is a four-channel, solid-state combo amplifier for electric guitar. Part of the gold series, the amp features a single 12" speaker, five onboard effects, four different types of delay, a dedicated reverb section, and a three-knob tone stack.  The MG50GFX line offers four channels; Clean, Crunch, Overdrive 1, and Overdrive 2, providing a wide palette of classic Marshall tones. The Clean channel offers a harmonic-enhanced clean tone, while the Crunch channel adds a bit of distortion. Each of the Overdrive settings offers modern, high-gain tone with OD-2 providing the highest output.  The amp can be operated in either a Manual or Preset mode. In Manual mode, the amp's settings always match the physical positions of the knobs, while in Preset mode, the position of all controls except the Master Volume is stored within each channel, and the physical position of the knobs will not match the settings of the amplifier. This means you can set up four distinct amp characters ahead of time and switch among them during the gig with the included footswitch.  Five effects are provided including chorus, phaser, flanger, octave, and delay. The delay parameter features not only tap tempo, but four different delay styles to suit your every need. HiFi offers pristine repeats, tape emulates analog tape, multi is a digital delay with multiple taps (each exhibiting a different delay time), and a reverse option. A dedicated reverb gives you digital simulations of studio spaces and classic spring tanks.  The tone of all four channels can be adjusted with the three-knob EQ section and stored within the channel's memory for instant recall at a later time. Indeed, each preset is stored with its EQ, effects, and reverb settings; simply use the Store button to easily save presets.  Additional features include a master volume control, a headphone output for silent practicing, an MP3/Line In to jam along with your favorite tunes, and a rear-panel effects loop for patching your own stompboxes and outboard gear into the amp’s signal path. The MG30GFX ships with a footswitch and a standard IEC power cord. On a purely cosmetic level, the gold plating on the control panel and gold trimming lining the speaker lends the amplifier a distinctive look.

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