Ortofon Concorde Q.Bert Replacement Stylus

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Overview of Ortofon Concorde Q.Bert Replacement Stylus

Q.Bert Replacement Stylus Concorde Q.Bert co-designed by DJ Q.Bert for scratch and back-cueing. • High tracking ability, unsurpassed handling
• Ultra high output!
• Low wear characteristics that literally put it in a class of its own Turntablists and mix DJs alike will appreciate the strong output of this cartridge, coupled with unrivaled tracking ability and sonic characteristics. The Q.Bert features a more subdued high end, which helps to minimize surface noise from worn vinyl, and an accentuated mid-range to help bring scratching to the front of the sound stage. The Q-Bert has a supreme ability to trace the grooves of your records and it is tailored specifically for scratch. Due to its enomous output, it is perfect for scratch of all music with deep bass frequences.

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