Aquarian RF28BK - Aquarian 28'' Regulator RF Resonant Gloss Black


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Overview of Aquarian RF28BK - Aquarian 28'' Regulator RF Resonant Gloss Black

Product Details:

The Black Regulator RF model is a single-ply, resonant bass drumhead that features a small, center-positioned, "Floating Muffling Ring" for added resonant control. This patented Aquarian innovation eliminates the need for external muffling of the resonant head. The Small floating Super Kick ring allows the "no Port" RF Resonant BD Head to add body to the bass drum sound while controlling annoying overtones and adding to the focused "punch".

 This head is the perfect companion for any of the Super-Kick™ bass drum series batter heads. The result is a bass drum that will tune-up and mic-up in seconds.

All Regulator™ heads are available in both White and Black Translucent Video Gloss.

  • Small Floating Muffle Ring for tone control
  • "NO PORT" for added body
  • White translucent reverse gloss finish

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