Electro-Voice PC-18/XLR - Multi-Pattern Podium Microphone


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Overview of Electro-Voice PC-18/XLR - Multi-Pattern Podium Microphone

Electro-Voice's PC-18/XLR, part of their PolarChoice Podium series of microphones, is a revolutionary dual-section 18" gooseneck podium microphone designed for installation into an existing 3-pin XLR-F jack, and features 4 integral selectable pickup patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, supercardioid, and Hypercardioid. It can work wide open in omnidirectional mode, or you can adjust the pattern to minimize feedback or background noise as desired. Its versatility doesn't stop with the 4 polar pattern switch. When you change the pickup pattern, the frequency response stays constant, so there's no need to EQ the system again. Enjoy a superior amount of gain before feedback arises compared to any other microphone. A triple layer windscreen and sophisticated circuitry minimize "P-popping" and other harsh close-proximity effect sounds. Its supple gooseneck joints and a rigid center tube permit precise positioning of the mic head. It also includes a shielded preamp that's highly resistant to electrical noise and RF interference.

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